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  • Immediate reduction of your debt repayment as per the debt repayment structure.

    From the moment that you return the application form back to us, you will only be liable to pay the restructured amount as from the very same month. This means that you do not have to wait in order to start paying an amount that you can afford to pay for your debts. You start paying the amount that you can afford from the very first month.
  • Legal protection.

    From the moment that you return the application form back to us, you will be legally protected. This means that, unless your credit providers have already started legal proceedings, they will not be able to do so once you have signed and returned the application form back to National Debt Helpline.
  • Your assets are secured.

    Since you are legally protected, from the moment that you sign and return the application form to us, all of your assets will be protected. This means that your home, vehicle or any other financed assets will not be repossessed as you would have applied for debt counselling and all credit providers are required to abide by the debt counselling guidelines.
  • Consolidate your debt into one affordable monthly payment.

    Instead of having many debt obligations to settle, we consolidate all your debt obligations into one affordable monthly payment. This means that there will only be one debit order of the agreed amount from your bank account that will be distributed by our PDA (Payment Distribution Agency) to all your credit providers. The balance left in your bank account is for you to do as you please with it, perhaps to be used for groceries, travel expenditure, school fees etc.
  • Enables you to be able to cover all of your monthly living expenses.

    When doing a financial assessment with you, we take into account all of your living expenses and work out an amount you can afford to pay to your credit providers after meeting all of your living expenses. This means that you don’t need to cut on groceries in order to be able to make through the month or find yourself without enough money to get yourself to work or your kids to school. All of your living expenses are taken into account to ensure that you are able to cover your living expenses quite easily.
  • Removal of any adverse or negative information from your credit report.

    Once a client has settled all of their debts through debt counselling, we will remove all adverse or negative information from the client’s credit report so that the credit report will only reflect positive and favourable credit information. This will enable the client to build a stronger and healthier financial future. This is especially important for clients that are struggling with their debts and would like to be eligible for a home loan or vehicle financing in the future.