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Below is a simple step by step guide of the debt counselling process:

Step 1:

Call us on 0126838773, fill in our free call back form or make an appointment for consultation. We will call you back to conduct a free financial assessment with you to determine if you are over-indebted. We will also inform you of how we can restructure your debt obligations to an amount that you can afford.

Step 2:

After the financial assessment, we will send you an application form that you will sign and return back to us within 5 business days.

Step 3:

We will inform all of your credit providers and credit bureaus of your application for debt counselling with National Debt Helpline and begin formal negotiations with all of your credit providers.

Step 4:

After we have received responses from all of your credit providers, we will assign a specialist attorney in the district that you live or work in. The specialist attorney will handle all legalities in order to secure a court order. The court order will bind the credit providers to stick to the restructured debt repayment plan and will also bind the consumer to make regular monthly affordable payments as agreed.

Step 5:

The consumer continues to make regular monthly payments that will be distributed to all credit providers. National Debt Helpline will monitor the clients accounts and send the client monthly statements that reflect the balances of all their credit agreements.

Step 6:

All of the clients debt obligations are settled within a period of not more than 60 months. The client will then receive a clearance certificate from National Debt Helpline to confirm that all of their debts have been settled and they are now debt free.

Step 7:

Any negative or adverse information is removed from the client’s credit report in order to reflect positive and favourable credit information. The client now has a much stronger and favourable credit report and may begin being credit active again.